Where can a phlebotomy technician work?

In general, phlebotomy technicians work in hospitals, clinics, physician’s offices, medical laboratories, nursing homes, private home care, blood donation centers, research institutes, and other healthcare settings. Depending on the workplace, they are required to work during the day, evening, or night shifts. They spend most of their time interacting with patients, drawing blood, and preparing samples to be sent to the laboratory for testing.

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The job outlook of Phlebotomy technician in Centereach

The phlebotomy industry is booming, which means more chances for qualified individuals. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a substantially faster-than-average growth rate in the phlebotomist technician workforce during the next five years. Phlebotomy technicians will likely be in high demand due to the growing importance of blood collection and analysis in the healthcare sector.

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Phlebotomy is typically done by inserting a hollow needle into a patient’s vein to collect a blood sample from the patient’s body for laboratory testing. In most cases, a phlebotomy technician in Centereach draws blood from the patient’s forearm vein or the back of their hand.

The various techniques by which one can perform phlebotomy are –
  • Venipuncture via syringe
  • Venipuncture via butterfly or winged infusion kit
  • Venipuncture via straight needle & hub
  • All tubes are vacutainer, designed to withdraw the appropriate amount of blood needed for test.

  • High School diploma
  • Ability to work in US
  • Covid Vaccinated
  • Complete accredited course
  • National Certification is not required but often preferred

If you are looking for a stable income source and job security, earning a phlebotomy certification on Long Island is worth it. According to BLS 2020 stats, a phlebotomist can earn an annual salary of an average $36,320 and an hourly wage of around $17.46.

A phlebotomist may perform the following main procedures:
  • Collect blood samples of patients according to established procedures
  • Comply with safety and infection regulations
  • Communicate efficiently with patients and health care professionals.
  • Keep accurate records, and be knowledgeable of the computer operations of the laboratory.
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