Home Health Aide (HHA) Course in Holtsville, NY

Home Health Aide (HHA) Course in Holtsville, NY

Home Health Aide (HHA), also known as home care assistants and home care aides. These are the people who provide direct personal care and assistance to patients and residents in a variety of health care settings, including hospitals, clinics, and residential nursing care facilities.

They assist in the care of those who are physically or mentally ill, injured, or disabled. A home health aide in Holtsville, NY indulges in the following duties such as –

  • Provide care, support, and treatment to patients and residents of medical, rehabilitative, and residential care facilities as per the treatment plan.
  • Assist patients with personal and therapeutic care requirements such as personal hygiene, feeding, dressing, physical mobility, and exercise.
  • Maintain patient’s environmental hygiene standards such as cleaning patient rooms and changing bed linen.
  • Provide massage and various other non-pharmacological pain relief measures to their clients.

Requirements for enrolment of PCA or HHA training program

For the enrolment in PCA or HHA training program, one must –

  • Have completed a high school diploma or GED equivalent education.
  • Must get vaccinated with one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine.
  • Able to work legally.

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